Big project – Midgard mapping!

Time to spill the beans, my next project is going to be Midgard by Kobold Press. It will be my biggest commission so far and a major undertaking. I’ve spent the past couple of weeks setting things up and getting started. It will take up a majority of my time for the rest of the year and into spring.

Here is a first sneak peak:


The detail level and scale will match the Southlands map, but a whole range of new techniques will make these maps a large step forward. Better forests, detailed rivers are a few of them. More information will be published at Kobold Press website, and the Midgard Facebook page as the project move forward.

This is one of my dream projects and a great honor to get a chance to do, the drawback is that my other plans will take longer to accomplish. So everything else I have planned (Patreon, example maps and a new website) are still being worked on but only on a limited basis.

More than a single image….

Maps comes in many different shapes and forms showing lots of different data. Decision makers in the real world have a whole arsenal of maps showing the area of interest in a myriad ways to assist them in their job. You need to have the same support in your games! Getting the grip of a fantasy world for our D&D or Pathfinder game we might not be that interested in health rates, voting preferences, income leves and the like. But we need to know things like, road conditions, climate, good ambush places, likely dragon lairs, trade routs, city defenses and many other things.

When I mapp an area I try to create a set of maps that can cover a wide range of usage scenarios. NATURAL maps for inspiration and detail. ELEVATION maps for climate, travel conditions. SIMPLE maps as a base for displaying data of various sorts, historic maps with border movement over time, influence of an evil cult, or the territory of a dragon. PARCHMENT style to create handouts to mislead the brave adventurers.

Here is an example Hold of Ulthek in these four styles, ELEVATION, NATURAL and SIMPLE


The map is made up of a number of different information layers which can be shown or hidden as needed. The layers can also be altered individually as needed.. For example a hex overlay can be added styled differently depending on what scale you need. Hexes with thicker lines and a mix of light and dark for large area view, or more subtle hexes for a close up.



and overlays can also be added to isometric views as needed.


This was a short look at different style maps. Now I’m going to work on symbols and labels, more on that soon!

A new generation of maps!

The past two years I’ve worked hard to come up with a way of using the best of modern digital tools in order to create more useful and better looking maps for all of us who have a place beyond the normals world to visualize. It can be a campaign world for your game, a fictional world for your books or the place of your dreams and you want to have it mapped. There have been wonderful maps created for these world before by masterful cartographers that made them look fantastic. My goal is to make them more useful as well as look  great!
Here is first look at what I mean.
 High resolution version (8000 pixels, 25MB) can be downloaded here
The Hold of Ulthek is an area roughly 300 miles across found in the northern part of Ratik in the Flanaess. It is coastal realm with a cold temperate climate, a lot of forested wilderness and fairly high mountains in the west and north.
This map is the areal view showing what the actual landscape looks like. The projection is what could be best described as “near isometric” to give both a natural perspective and equal view of the whole area.  The teser map is 8000 pixels across and gives a detailed look at the landscape. The resolution I work with is 300 ft per pixel, which is enough to give you all the necessary detail in order to know every nook and cranny of your realm. Below is a close up look at the level of detail.
For areas that require more detailed maps, like settlements, I can create more detailed closeups using a map like this as a base.
Maps should be more than just the looks of the terrain. You might ned an elevation map, a simple maps ready to mark things like the spread of an evil cult or trade routs or anything else. To cater for this I create a whole range of data along with the looks of the terrain, elevation (both color coded and TIFF heightmap), forest cover mask, water cover mask, erosion data as masks (flow, wear and displacement), normal map, 3D mesh, guide map, shading map. Other data can be mapped as well, like geology, weather etc. Results are available in TIFF format and can be used as layers in Photoshop, GIMP or any other image editor to easily (depending on skill) create the style of map you need.
I will present the these functions in detail over the next couple of weeks. Both in as plain terms as possible for you who just want a cool maps to use in your games. But also delve in deep for those of you who want to tinker with them to create a set of maps that are perfect for your needs.
How can I have my realm mapped like this?
Several different ways depending on your needs and your budget. You can commission me to create it according to your specifications. This is the most expensive option, but also the one that means that you decide what you want. The cost for this is $100 for an area 100 x 100 miles. For larger maps  this rate is open for discussion depending on the nature of the map. A large area with very uniform terrain like jungle or desert and not a lot of unique features can be done for less.
I will also create a Patron to work on maps my backers want me to create. So by backing you get to be part of creating maps generic and specific for a more reasonable sum of money. More backers means I can devote more time to create more maps released to everyone who backs me. Generic maps of various types is something I intend to sell on the various content markets available.
I hope you will join me on the quest to visualize fantastic realms beyond the ordinary!

Winter is Coming!


The new season of Game of Thrones are not here for a while so I took the time to work on a winter version of the Flanaess map. It comes in a labeled and a non labeled JPG versions. You can download them from the Flanaess Map Download Page.

The files are around 120MB in size I you will probably need a download manager, links are on the download page.

Work on next generation maps are progressing well, and a presentation of my first project will be posted here in about a week. This is also going to be a presentation of what kind of maps you can commission me to do!

Spread Maps!


A new set of Spread Maps are ready to download here.


JPG Full Map, 2016 revision 2

final map

The Full Map JPG are ready on the Flanaess Map Download Page. This time thanks to more powerful computer and new versions of Adobe Photoshop a Acrobat it is now possible to create a single large JPG image of the whole map. There are two versions, non-hexed and hexed.

PDF map updated!

Full Map PDF 2016 revision 2

final map

The whole map in PDF format is now available from the Download Page!
To keep the file more manageable there are now a non hex and a hexed version. JPG version will be available shortly.


Online maps updated!

Screenshot 2016-07-30 09.49.43

The Online Maps are the first out of the 2016 revisions of my Flanaess map. More things are coming so stay tuned!

Online map updates

Updating the Online maps today so they will be temporarily unavailable. I’m sorry for the inconvenience!

New Download Page!

w titlesA new Flanaess Map Download page is now up. I have brought together all the essential downloads to one place. The files are now hosted on Dropbox which should make downloads more reliable. But you probably still should use a download manager to make it work.

On the page are also all the source files as well. So those of you who want to create your own version or take my work in a new direction!